Posted on Tuesday June 9, 2020

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The values of our business.

1. Time – don’t waste time, create time and time becomes creative

2. Communication – people need to communicate, products need to communicate, people and products can communicate synergistically

3. Difference – embrace difference, be different and adaptable, make a difference

DASH Business Values

Healthcare needs time to be creative, nurturing different ideas from within in order to communicate more effectively.

Create Time/Communicate/Be Different* to
Communicate/Be Different/Create Time* to
Be Different/Create Time/Communicate*

*you choose

We’ve asked healthcare staff what would make their working lives different.

“Give me..”

a) food

b) a new environment

c) improvement in my skills

d) more people

e) time

Most choose time as its the common denominator to creating all manner of opportunity. Healthcare needs inspiration, and speed to acquire key information. Patients with cancer or pain need time too, time less spent in hospital car parks or waiting rooms, watching receptionists and nurses move paper around, doctors scrutinising poor IT systems for information, or waiting for the IT helpdesk. Digital to a clinician is now interpreted as system that steals their time.

DASH – an inspiration creating time to care through dashboards that speed up healthcare, for patients and staff.

Wait no longer.