DASHclinic - for patients, clinicians and managers

DASHclinic is an enterprise healthcare clinic queue management tool designed to improve the healthcare workflow for both patients and medical staff. It defines the patient journey through the clinic, adds patients to sequential queues and gathers data on flow. By digitising outpatients, DASHclinic draws in data and gives us an understanding of bottlenecks which allows better scheduling, saving time. Healing time.

DASHclinic - for patients, clinicians and managers


Creates time to care by reducing workload for staff, reducing unnecessary waiting. Healing time.


Intuitive to use

DASHclinic has been designed by a hospital consultant with over 25 years of experience of healthcare clinics. “My patients aren’t satisfied waiting, my doctors aren’t satisfied working slowly and my managers struggle to reach targets faced with slower systems.” The aim is to provide a solution that is so intuitive and fast, it requires minimal training - time we don't have. Healing time.

Intuitive to use

Features and benefits

Patient Centric

  • Improved care for patients
    Creating time to care by reducing workload for staff reducing unnecessary waiting, better customer satisfaction.
  • Creating a professional service
    Queue management that focuses on 2 key principles of queue psychology, acknowledgment and fairness.
  • Future public smartphone delivery
    Remote checkin envisaged and preparation questionnaires in advance to facilitate swifter patient care.
Patient Centric

Clinical Staff Centric

  • Improvement for healthcare staff
    Time-saving reducing unnecessary steps, clear visual on patient status, faster than written form-filling. 
  • Streamlining the outpatient clinic
    Automation reduces manual processes of managing patient flow by 60%. 
  • Intuitive, mobile smart solution
    Clinician-designed simple touchscreen navigation, minimal training for existing and ad hoc staff, versatile mobile solution.
Clinical Staff Centric

Managerial Staff Centric

  • Clinical coding made easy
    Clinicians find coding cumbersome, but DASHclinic does this in the background creating financial gains. 
  • Managerial live clinic monitoring
    Oversee clinic status, identify bottlenecks to balance demand and capacity. 
  • Clinic data on demand
    Outcome data to make improvements in scheduling, scrutinise clinics for complaint handling.
Managerial Staff Centric
This has the potential to really improve the outpatient experience for our patients and clinicians, which is a real focus and priority for the Trust.

Pauline Philip

National Director for Urgent & Emergency Care, NHS England. Former CEO, Luton & Dunstable University Hospital NHS Trust
This is what healthcare innovation is all about.

Jim Gray

Clinical Director of Orthopaedic Surgery, Luton & Dunstable University Hospital NHS Trust
This is the first time I have seen the busiest part of the NHS, outpatient clinics, really analysed and empowered to optimise flow. Real innovation in progress enabled by ergonomic technology.

Mark England

Deputy National Director for Urgent & Emergency Care, NHS England


What is DASHclinic and why has it been created?

DASHclinic is a queue management tool that has been designed by a Consultant Surgeon with over 20 years of experience of healthcare clinics. Acutely aware of the monotony of traditional inefficient communication in healthcare and frustrated with the poor and worsening experience had by clinicians and patients, there is a palpable need for change. IT is a growing feature of healthcare yet often noted to prove slower than traditional systems as they are designed without healthcare staff in mind.

How do patients benefit?

Let's take a simple clinic consisting of a patient arrival at reception, seeing a clinician and subsequently leaving. DASHclinic allows live updates to clinic staff, so arrivals are immediately identified to clinicians. No reliance on reception staff handing over arrivals to clinic nurses who in turn have to create virtual queues with notes. Patients are seen in time order this giving fairness to queuing. The system allows queues to be put on hold (WC or refreshment breaks) giving freedom without fear of missing the appointment slot. At the end of an appointment DASHclinic requests the reception staff directly regarding follow-up appointments or discharges. The patient simply reports to reception. No paper left in a bin or a handbag. No confusion. Minimised DNA.

For more complex multi episode clinics requiring visits to X-ray and plaster room for example, DASHclinic allows clinic pathways to be defined quickly, within the clinic, or pre defining a future clinic. This allows patients less burden to report to staff, thereby releasing staff to focus on direct patient care. Queue pausing saves time for staff, releasing time to care. With the advent of a patient app notification will allow navigation and updates (waiting times), as well as opportunity for retail sponsorship, improving patient experience.

Our own observation of pathway setting (defined on a spreadsheet) before a clinic has nearly halved fracture clinic time. Queuing and waiting reduce.

How do healthcare staff benefit?

Flexibility, freedom, clinical time. Less time explaining and scribbling or dealing with poorly designed IT systems. Less time apologising, more time breathing and functioning. A quick modern effective environment. Coding is virtually automatic so money is made. No one loses out.

Is DASHclinic easy to use?

Yes. DASHclinic is to be deployed for staff on an iPad with its well known user friendly gesture control. The design has focused on intuition and paid specific regard to the user to allow functionality with as few gestures as possible saving time. There is commonality amongst different staff member areas in the design assuring consistency for training. Intuition is at the heart of the design and it is envisaged that minimal training will be necessary.

How does DASHclinic save time?

Please read our blog post "Healthcare can save time creating time to care".

What happens if a patient doesn't have a smartphone?

A smartphone is not required. DASHclinic is an enterprise app requiring use by staff. Patients need not have an app but our aim is to introduce one to further enhance the system, for check-in, queue pathways, wait times, calling and information gathering.

What system does DASHclinic run on?

Currently DASHclinic has been created for the iPad iOS. It is our intention to create the public smartphone app across all platforms.

What developments are envisaged?

  • Messaging between staff members.
  • Patient smartphone integration allowing acknowledgement messaging and control over queue pausing.
  • Healthcare questionnaires, facilitating preop assessments, PROMS, pain score assessments etc
  • Integration with lifestyle advice (weight loss, smoking cessation)
  • Appointment reminders and recording of appointment times
  • Clinic updates at short notice (short notice cancellations or delays)

What is DASHmed?

We represent the product category of "Healthcare software"

"DASHmed is the only healthcare software that helps hospitals to work quicker and smarter so that patients get better care"

What do we stand for at DASHmed?

Connection, collaboration, humility, relentlessness, confidence, agility.

The DASH identity depicts a bold and bright dash which represents these elements, our confident logo illustrates speed and aptness. The theme is to breakdown the complex environment, simplify and highlight key information. Rather than simplicity, it represents simplexity. Social impact, benefit for all, we value true connected leadership.

The vision is to redefine healthcare software, prioritise importance, focus on customer satisfaction, embrace win-win relationships, synergise and behave respectfully to nurture all.

For those interested in acronyms or prone to De Bono's mind mechanism of lateral thinking, DASH can be summarised also, if one wishes, as Dependable Agile Software for Healthcare. We believe in embracing alternate perspectives in seeking to understand and therefore be understood, in a spirit of agility.

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